jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Amy Lee

Hi! To describe someone I chose Amy Lynn Hartzler (known how Amy Lee too), singer of the famous rock band Evanescence. She was born in California, U.S.A. in 1981 and since I heard their songs, I began to like rock (although I think it’s alternative rock because the group has got a bit difference to the conventional rock). Amy Lee is 33 years old but she looks like 6 years younger. She has got a beautiful voice considering that she was in opera lessons and of course, she knows play piano. She is the best! Her apparence is nice; she wears her own clothes, because she prefer design gothic clothes and not waste time on searching in shops. I love the colour of her eyes and I have to say that she’s pretty and sexy. She says that she likes the gothic esthetic and victorian clothes, which appears on her videoclips, for example: “Goind Under” or festivals: The Nobel Peace Prize 2013. Her style defines Amy’s personality, because I think she’s a crazy woman and she doesn’t matter the opinion of the people. She likes herself and nobody opposites her, since she’s optimistic but many of her songs talks about pity, bad love or pain. I hear several songs of Evanescence and I like the way that Amy define a drug with metaphors and don’t say during the song that it’s a bad drug: “Lithium”. This song shows a weak, fear and sensitive Amy; maybe because she had a similar experience with this drug or someone loved by her.
In the song “Good Enough”, dedicated to her husband, she talks that she doesn’t consider herself good enough for him. That’s why she thinks that her heart can’t love anyone and feel pressure by the question of: Should I love him or is better forget and still be friends? Though he confessed to her many times, after many years she accepted him and got married.
Many people think that Amy Lee has got a special sex appeal and she might use her apparence in videos to have more views and fans, however she always says (and she expresses very good in the song “Everybody’s fool”) the corporal beauty is used many times by the famous and prefer make good things with her own sacrifice and dedication. For these reasons, I really like Amy Lee.
Thanks for reading and see you!

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