domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

The huge world of music

Music has become an important way of sharing our feelings and tasting new sounds. If you look the music up in his past, the majority of musicians created their own sound and in this way, they could create new styles of music. What about Jazz, Rap or Metal? All of them had a start and nowadays, they are quite different from one another.

Old people could remember many bands of music which played every song and now... These people really miss the old songs. The teens of this era are used to listen other type of music, in accordance with their pleasure. But... how many differences can we observe since the beginnings of music until nowadays? Actually, they have the same base because the music progressed by the years. So, is it an issue of technology and advances? The answer is yes. If the Captain Henry Joseph Round hadn't invented the magnetophone, an ancestor of the microphone, the musicians hadn't sang neither they could speak for making understand to the public their words. Now, the technology progresses quickly and it's normal to see new systems of transmiting the sound of the guitar or modifying the voice of the singer.

From my point of view, the new bands seem to me as they pretend to share good sound but meaning. This fact makes that the new groups lose some prestige, because they don't try to connect with the people already, and this isn't music. Music is the knowledge of singing, in addition of knowing the act of understanding. My recommendation to these groups which are starting now with the world of music is that they need to do a good music, of course; but also they need to make people  and they only have to sing with their hearts and feelings. Why not? Music is the best way of sharing what does you mind think about. Keep in mind that teenagers are impressionable and any song will make a huge impact in them. So, is the music a part of entertainment or also is a way of living?

There are many types of music and each one are different. People can create new songs and enjoy with them, but don't forget that the power of the music will always be the meaning and of course, the feelings.

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