lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Games in our society

               Games are part of our life since 1947, when Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann created Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device, a game originaly created to test the missiles and create new strategies of World War II[1]. Nowadays, games have a big importance in our society; it gives jobs. A game needs a creator, someone who gives new ideas, other one who takes advantages in these ideas for learning money and, of course; players who want to test new games and waste time to verify if the game deserve still in the market or, on the contrary, forget about it. You need to be creative in your works, but you have to know that people are also moving and don't waste your time in create a game that is already created. For example: Is already exist a game of pets and people are tired of this type of games. If you know that, you have two options:

               If you keep wanting to create a game of pets, ok. No problem. But don't follow the steps of your previous partners. Create something innovative, a game that people like because is original and also has some stuffs that others games haven't. Search about these games and look people's opinions up. Create a game that fixes all the problems of other games and... voilà! You'll have a game that many people will love. About all, the children ;)                                          

              Ok, you know that game is already created and prefer to make another one. Perfect. Gather all your companions and speak about the idea of make a different game. If all of you are sure of create a new game, the first step is completed. The second step however is more complicated... You need to bring new ideas together with your partners; when all of you have joined all the useful ideas, you will be able to connect all of them til create your wish game.                                                                                                                                                                             
             Here, it can seem really easy whay I'm writing, but isn't. In fact, create a game requires a huge effort and many time. But, people are get used to play video games; the creators always find the way of please their demands. I, the creator of this blog, play video games since I was a child and now, I keep playing: RPGs, Rols, MOBAs... I never forget when I played games of PS2 or Nintendo. However, this era requires PC's games.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
            Who knows what kind of games we will be able to see in the future, but I hope that they will be original and also, funny.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                Thank you for reading, guys!

viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

My opinion of this year in University

Since I entered in the University, I felt like an strange person. A huge building with so much people... New friends that I will preserve in my heart for all my life... But the fact which mark this year of this mess of studies was the teachers. I'm thankful that we had good and comprehensive teachers because it was a bad experience when all of them started to talk in English.

Firstly, I thought that this career was a bad idea; how did I pass this year when my grade of English was so poor? Since the start of the classes, I knew that I would failed... Maybe that negative attitude made me fail this year. The high-schools are poor preparated for University, because I've never had any teacher that did oral exams or talked to us in English in a complete lesson. No. My mother langue was always with me and I used to talk and write only this language without think : Maybe I should read in English, I should watch films in English, I should... do something to solve my problem with this language. But I didn't.
The fact that I've had good teachers that they've tried to improve all their students it's a huge help, you know? Not all of them spend their time trying to help someone who doesn't care if he fail or not.

Secondly, I didn't put all my efforts to pass the exams, I know. However, I hadn't the personal motivation to continue the studies and I don't know why yet... Friends of mine think that I'm not made to study in this way. What do I mean? Well, the system of this country is not the same than other ones. Here, many contents which are given to us... I don't know how to learn them or understand them. It's quite difficult to me trying to understand something that for me is incomprehensible. For me, something that is a simple curiosity, for others is something that is necessary to learn. For that, I felt so broken when one by one, I failed the exams. I've always felt as a number : 36, 57... depending of the marks...

I don't say that this way is wrong, but it's not made for me because I guess that I think in a different way than the others. The summary of this is that some changes are never wrong for the education of this country, such as in high-schools and Universities.

Thank you for reading, guys!

jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

Requiem to an old man

Could you feel my touch?
Could you feel my kiss in your forehead?
Now, rest in peace in your soft bed
Remember that I loved you so much

I cried for your death
My tears never stopped to fall
Now, I need urgently your call
But you aren't here, I said

Your skin was like a cold ice
My mother didn't find your comfort
But she found her discomfort
I only could give her an advice

"Don't cry, mum", I said
Strong women must be happy
Keep in your heart your pappy
And show your pride ahead

Why did you do such terrible things?
You could be my hero
The genuine and important Nero
But you lose your wings

I've never called you "grandpa"
Because you never were merit of it
For the several damages that you did
But first of all, you were my grandad

martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Aguilas and Jodar (Comparison)

I've could known two special places in my life. One of them is Aguilas, the town where I grew since I was 5 years ago until the past year and Jodar, a beautiful village where is full of vegetation and extraordinary people. 

Let's begin with the first one. Aguilas is a town of Murcia, Spain. It has many interesting things which I want to comment; first is the beach that is my truly love. Aguilas is in the south coast of Spain. This country is famous for his holidays; also Aguilas is known because of the Carnivals, that are considered the most important influence in this town because many foreigners come to this town for the Carnival. The architecture of houses is modern, so there are a few of old houses and now, the majority of them are floors or hotels, for the visitors. Aguilas has his own castle which was built in 18th Century to avoid the threat of the pirates. In April, Aguilas celebrates Holy Week, when many people carry some Saints' statues and especially, Saint Mary. This celebration takes long time an for that, the schools are closed. The poblation has progressed by the time and know we have a modern thinking, but even in the 21th Century, there are some people who think that the homosexuality is wrong, for example. Unfortunately, these kind of thinkings are too common in all of our world. Aguilas' people used to fishing in the 20th Century, however they thought that work was insufficient for saving money, so they decided to work with the service to the visitors. E.G. Pubs, discoteques... For that, people have poor jobs, because they don't have enough money for living in the town and they have to create new buildings. In this town there are young people rather than old people. Aguilas' people are rude and impolite, because of the shortage of their education. The majority of the students of Aguilas can pass the exams for entering in the University, but a few of people don't continue their studies and they try to find a job, but they not always find a job, for that they need to leave with their families.

Nevertheless, the following village that I want to talk is Jodar, a village of Jaen, Spain. There, I passed my eternal summers with my family and I remembered it as a wonderful place. In June, many children who are doing the communion, go out of the streets with a group of musicians who play instruments for honoring the Saints. Unlike of Aguilas, Jodar has a fierce faith for the religion. The architecture of Jodar is majority old and it has a irregular floor, because this village was built under montains. For that, Jodar has more relief than Aguilas. Jodar also has a castle where tells about the history of this village. Being a fierce defensor of the religion is not always a good way of learning about another opinions. In case of Jodar, his people are closed-minded and it's difficult to find one person that thinks with more perspective. The jobs of Jodar are generally the agriculture, considering than the olives are the most powerful raw material in this village. However, when the period of harvest is done, people can't work in the agriculture and they need to sell their products for saving some money. For that, Jodar has more opportunities of jobs than Aguilas. In Jodar are a majority of old people than young ones, in this aspect, it's different to Aguilas. The young people go to schools, but they need to continue in other places because Jodar doesn't give the same facilities than Madrid, for example.

To sum up, Aguilas and Jodas have several differences, but also they have some similities which make both the best places to take a break and enjoy the holidays.
Thanks for reading, guys!

lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

The evolution of our society

I know that the Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billions of years ago. During these years, the history has changed a lot; but, how many differences there are between the starts and the new era? The humans have evolucionated through the time till nowadays. Now, we are capable to enjoy the discovery of the electricity. Thanks to that, we can search about information or talk to your friends because of the mobile phones. These changes have been the solution for our problems and a convenience for people who need them, although it's not always a good idea.

My grandma used to tell me the stories about her life during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, in Spain. She was a child and she didn't remember some things about that period, but I could learn more about it because I felt very interested about the wars and the dictatorship in Spain. In ages 50s and 60s, people were threatened and opressed by powerful people and no one could be free to say his thinkings... Why the human is capable to make suffer to a poor woman like my grandma? Did she do something bad to these powerful people in her life? No, of course. The human is born to destroy and create a new life from his own ideas, although his concience and his reason don't agree with him. But, what happens when the Earth can't stand any more that destruction? The Earth dies. So, if the Earth dies, the human also dies. I don't know in what moment, the human decided to try to control everything that he takes, but it's true.

The society since always has been an idea for people, because no one tries to understand the society and in many cases, there are only hypocrisy. Before, the society were keep your ideas in mind and praise and idiot only because is a powerful idiot. And the people were the lamb. Nowadays, we still are lambs, but there are one difference: we are a bit more free, but the teens nowadays don't spend their time in thinking about their rights or if they have the power enough of stop these powerful idiots who makes this country into a bullshit. Don't worry about that, afortunately, there are people who believe that it's not the end of this country... Naïves...

To sum up, the world is always changing but the human isn't. We make the same mistakes again and again. So, what we could do? Maybe we have to say to the people that they aren't lambs neither cruel animals. We are humans with reason, it's time to use it.

Thanks for reading, guys!

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

The huge world of music

Music has become an important way of sharing our feelings and tasting new sounds. If you look the music up in his past, the majority of musicians created their own sound and in this way, they could create new styles of music. What about Jazz, Rap or Metal? All of them had a start and nowadays, they are quite different from one another.

Old people could remember many bands of music which played every song and now... These people really miss the old songs. The teens of this era are used to listen other type of music, in accordance with their pleasure. But... how many differences can we observe since the beginnings of music until nowadays? Actually, they have the same base because the music progressed by the years. So, is it an issue of technology and advances? The answer is yes. If the Captain Henry Joseph Round hadn't invented the magnetophone, an ancestor of the microphone, the musicians hadn't sang neither they could speak for making understand to the public their words. Now, the technology progresses quickly and it's normal to see new systems of transmiting the sound of the guitar or modifying the voice of the singer.

From my point of view, the new bands seem to me as they pretend to share good sound but meaning. This fact makes that the new groups lose some prestige, because they don't try to connect with the people already, and this isn't music. Music is the knowledge of singing, in addition of knowing the act of understanding. My recommendation to these groups which are starting now with the world of music is that they need to do a good music, of course; but also they need to make people  and they only have to sing with their hearts and feelings. Why not? Music is the best way of sharing what does you mind think about. Keep in mind that teenagers are impressionable and any song will make a huge impact in them. So, is the music a part of entertainment or also is a way of living?

There are many types of music and each one are different. People can create new songs and enjoy with them, but don't forget that the power of the music will always be the meaning and of course, the feelings.