lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

The evolution of our society

I know that the Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billions of years ago. During these years, the history has changed a lot; but, how many differences there are between the starts and the new era? The humans have evolucionated through the time till nowadays. Now, we are capable to enjoy the discovery of the electricity. Thanks to that, we can search about information or talk to your friends because of the mobile phones. These changes have been the solution for our problems and a convenience for people who need them, although it's not always a good idea.

My grandma used to tell me the stories about her life during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, in Spain. She was a child and she didn't remember some things about that period, but I could learn more about it because I felt very interested about the wars and the dictatorship in Spain. In ages 50s and 60s, people were threatened and opressed by powerful people and no one could be free to say his thinkings... Why the human is capable to make suffer to a poor woman like my grandma? Did she do something bad to these powerful people in her life? No, of course. The human is born to destroy and create a new life from his own ideas, although his concience and his reason don't agree with him. But, what happens when the Earth can't stand any more that destruction? The Earth dies. So, if the Earth dies, the human also dies. I don't know in what moment, the human decided to try to control everything that he takes, but it's true.

The society since always has been an idea for people, because no one tries to understand the society and in many cases, there are only hypocrisy. Before, the society were keep your ideas in mind and praise and idiot only because is a powerful idiot. And the people were the lamb. Nowadays, we still are lambs, but there are one difference: we are a bit more free, but the teens nowadays don't spend their time in thinking about their rights or if they have the power enough of stop these powerful idiots who makes this country into a bullshit. Don't worry about that, afortunately, there are people who believe that it's not the end of this country... Naïves...

To sum up, the world is always changing but the human isn't. We make the same mistakes again and again. So, what we could do? Maybe we have to say to the people that they aren't lambs neither cruel animals. We are humans with reason, it's time to use it.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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