martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Aguilas and Jodar (Comparison)

I've could known two special places in my life. One of them is Aguilas, the town where I grew since I was 5 years ago until the past year and Jodar, a beautiful village where is full of vegetation and extraordinary people. 

Let's begin with the first one. Aguilas is a town of Murcia, Spain. It has many interesting things which I want to comment; first is the beach that is my truly love. Aguilas is in the south coast of Spain. This country is famous for his holidays; also Aguilas is known because of the Carnivals, that are considered the most important influence in this town because many foreigners come to this town for the Carnival. The architecture of houses is modern, so there are a few of old houses and now, the majority of them are floors or hotels, for the visitors. Aguilas has his own castle which was built in 18th Century to avoid the threat of the pirates. In April, Aguilas celebrates Holy Week, when many people carry some Saints' statues and especially, Saint Mary. This celebration takes long time an for that, the schools are closed. The poblation has progressed by the time and know we have a modern thinking, but even in the 21th Century, there are some people who think that the homosexuality is wrong, for example. Unfortunately, these kind of thinkings are too common in all of our world. Aguilas' people used to fishing in the 20th Century, however they thought that work was insufficient for saving money, so they decided to work with the service to the visitors. E.G. Pubs, discoteques... For that, people have poor jobs, because they don't have enough money for living in the town and they have to create new buildings. In this town there are young people rather than old people. Aguilas' people are rude and impolite, because of the shortage of their education. The majority of the students of Aguilas can pass the exams for entering in the University, but a few of people don't continue their studies and they try to find a job, but they not always find a job, for that they need to leave with their families.

Nevertheless, the following village that I want to talk is Jodar, a village of Jaen, Spain. There, I passed my eternal summers with my family and I remembered it as a wonderful place. In June, many children who are doing the communion, go out of the streets with a group of musicians who play instruments for honoring the Saints. Unlike of Aguilas, Jodar has a fierce faith for the religion. The architecture of Jodar is majority old and it has a irregular floor, because this village was built under montains. For that, Jodar has more relief than Aguilas. Jodar also has a castle where tells about the history of this village. Being a fierce defensor of the religion is not always a good way of learning about another opinions. In case of Jodar, his people are closed-minded and it's difficult to find one person that thinks with more perspective. The jobs of Jodar are generally the agriculture, considering than the olives are the most powerful raw material in this village. However, when the period of harvest is done, people can't work in the agriculture and they need to sell their products for saving some money. For that, Jodar has more opportunities of jobs than Aguilas. In Jodar are a majority of old people than young ones, in this aspect, it's different to Aguilas. The young people go to schools, but they need to continue in other places because Jodar doesn't give the same facilities than Madrid, for example.

To sum up, Aguilas and Jodas have several differences, but also they have some similities which make both the best places to take a break and enjoy the holidays.
Thanks for reading, guys!

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