jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

Requiem to an old man

Could you feel my touch?
Could you feel my kiss in your forehead?
Now, rest in peace in your soft bed
Remember that I loved you so much

I cried for your death
My tears never stopped to fall
Now, I need urgently your call
But you aren't here, I said

Your skin was like a cold ice
My mother didn't find your comfort
But she found her discomfort
I only could give her an advice

"Don't cry, mum", I said
Strong women must be happy
Keep in your heart your pappy
And show your pride ahead

Why did you do such terrible things?
You could be my hero
The genuine and important Nero
But you lose your wings

I've never called you "grandpa"
Because you never were merit of it
For the several damages that you did
But first of all, you were my grandad

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