viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

My opinion of this year in University

Since I entered in the University, I felt like an strange person. A huge building with so much people... New friends that I will preserve in my heart for all my life... But the fact which mark this year of this mess of studies was the teachers. I'm thankful that we had good and comprehensive teachers because it was a bad experience when all of them started to talk in English.

Firstly, I thought that this career was a bad idea; how did I pass this year when my grade of English was so poor? Since the start of the classes, I knew that I would failed... Maybe that negative attitude made me fail this year. The high-schools are poor preparated for University, because I've never had any teacher that did oral exams or talked to us in English in a complete lesson. No. My mother langue was always with me and I used to talk and write only this language without think : Maybe I should read in English, I should watch films in English, I should... do something to solve my problem with this language. But I didn't.
The fact that I've had good teachers that they've tried to improve all their students it's a huge help, you know? Not all of them spend their time trying to help someone who doesn't care if he fail or not.

Secondly, I didn't put all my efforts to pass the exams, I know. However, I hadn't the personal motivation to continue the studies and I don't know why yet... Friends of mine think that I'm not made to study in this way. What do I mean? Well, the system of this country is not the same than other ones. Here, many contents which are given to us... I don't know how to learn them or understand them. It's quite difficult to me trying to understand something that for me is incomprehensible. For me, something that is a simple curiosity, for others is something that is necessary to learn. For that, I felt so broken when one by one, I failed the exams. I've always felt as a number : 36, 57... depending of the marks...

I don't say that this way is wrong, but it's not made for me because I guess that I think in a different way than the others. The summary of this is that some changes are never wrong for the education of this country, such as in high-schools and Universities.

Thank you for reading, guys!

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